Maggie's diet menu for 4 weeks and food table

Many women and men are attached to Maggie's egg diet because strict adherence to it will help achieve impressive results. Thanks to the efficiency of the system, you can make your figure really thin and beautiful. Maggie's diet menu for 4 weeks includes eggs that help to start losing weight, a detailed diet is described in the tables below. During the period of using this protein diet, as a rule, you can lose 10 to 20 kg.

Features of Maggie's diet

Maggie's protein diet for 4 weeks is based on biochemical processes. Its main product is an egg, although there is an option with cottage cheese - the choice of one or another method depends on your personal preferences. The peculiarity of the egg diet is that you do not need to starve during it. Maggie's proper diet menu includes a perfectly acceptable amount of eggs and meat, which will keep you from constantly thinking about food.

Egg diet of Maggie

The menu itself is designed to force the human body to burn the accumulated layer of fat using active chemical processes. Eating carefully selected foods helps not only to break down fat, but also to eliminate toxins. The advantage of the diet is that it is not hard. Another important plus is that all dishes included in the diet menu are very easy to prepare. It is allowed to drink tea and coffee without sugar at any time.

Maggie's egg diet for weight loss

Week 1

The table below will help you stick to the necessary diet, with which you can find the perfect figure, for example, as in the picture in one of the magazines. For breakfast in the first 7 days you need to eat only 2 hard-boiled eggs and grapefruit. The meat must be boiled. The list of fruits that are allowed to consume consists of apples, oranges, watermelons, apricots, pears, melons, kiwis. Maggie's diet for each day includes:

Day of the week Dinner Dinner
one Fruits (1 species) from the permitted list Lean meat, except lamb
2 Boiled chicken without skin 2 eggs, salad, 1 toast, grapefruit
3 Low-fat cheese, tomatoes, 1 toast Pure meat
four Fruits (1 species) from the permitted list Lean meat, salad
five 2 eggs, boiled or stewed vegetables Fish (eg stewed), grapefruit, fresh vegetables
6 Fruits (1 species) from the permitted list Lean meat, salad
7 Skinless chicken, cooked vegetables, grapefruit, tomatoes Salad

Week 2

The first week was a serious restructuring of the body, associated with a change in diet and its restriction. Due to this, by the second week, an addiction to change gradually develops. Breakfast for all seven days of the second week should consist of 2 eggs and grapefruit, and for the rest of the dishes use the products from the table:

Day of the week Dinner Dinner
one Lean meat, salad Salad, 2 eggs and grapefruit
2 Lean meat, salad Grapefruit and 2 eggs
3 Lean meat, cucumbers 2 eggs with grapefruit
four 2 eggs, cheese, boiled vegetables Grapefruit and 2 eggs
five Fish 2 eggs
6 Lean meat, grapefruit, tomatoes Fruits (1 species) from the permitted list
7 Boiled chicken and vegetables, grapefruit, tomatoes Boiled chicken and vegetables, grapefruit, tomatoes

Week 3

The weekly diet for the 3rd seven-day period is compiled with the expectation that the body of the lose weight already reacts properly, ie loses extra pounds. In this regard, at this stage it is necessary to shake again. Remember to cook vegetables without adding oils, fats or broth. The foods in the list below are not grouped by diet, but only by day of the week:

  1. fruits from the list of permitted;
  2. vegetables on the permitted list, excluding potatoes;
  3. fruits and vegetables;
  4. fish with vegetables;
  5. meat with vegetables;
  6. fruits from the list of permitted;
  7. fruits (1 species) from the list of permitted.
kiwi for Maggie's diet

Week 4

Based on the characteristics of Maggi's diet menu for 4 weeks, the last period of the weight loss system is built. If at some point you suddenly interrupt it even for a day or, for example, mix the products, it is advisable to start it from the beginning. Better to do without violations. For the desired effect you will need to do at least simple exercise. The diet menu with distribution of products for the whole day will be as follows:

  1. Lean cooked meat, 3-4 cucumbers with tomatoes, grapefruit, 1 toast, canned tuna without butter.
  2. Lean meat (not more than 200 g), 3-4 cucumbers with tomatoes, 1 fruit.
  3. Cottage cheese / cheese (not more than 200 g), 2 cucumbers with tomatoes, 1 toast, grapefruit, boiled vegetables.
  4. 1/2 chicken, 3 tomatoes, grapefruit.
  5. 3 tomatoes, grapefruit, 2 eggs.
  6. Chicken breast (2 pieces), 120 g cottage cheese / feta cheese, 1 toast, grapefruit, 2 pieces of tomatoes and cucumbers.
  7. Cottage cheese / cheese (not more than 100 g), canned tuna without butter, boiled vegetables, grapefruit, 2 slices of tomato with cucumber, 1 toast.

Maggie's cottage cheese diet

Cottage cheese contains a large amount of calcium and protein, which is why this product has a beneficial effect on the condition of hair, teeth, bones, skin. The menu of the Maggi cottage cheese diet for 4 weeks is no less varied than the egg. The main thing is to follow it strictly and to forbid everything sweet and fatty. You can add not only salt to your dishes, but also onions and garlic. Do not use spices as they have flavor enhancers.

Week 1

The initial stage can be very difficult because the body will have to get used to the new menu. The diet is identical to the egg-based diet. The only exception is that for breakfast in the first 7 days you should consume 200 g of cottage cheese and grapefruit. Choose low-fat cottage cheese for your diet or a product with a fat content of 1 to 5 percent.

Week 2

In the second stage, your body will gradually get used to the changes in diet. The main product will be more actively introduced into the diet, ie cottage cheese. For breakfast, all 7 days, you should consume 200 g of cottage cheese and fruit. Otherwise, the diet will be the same as the egg-based diet. Be sure to replace them with low-fat cottage cheese.

Week 3

The food system of the third stage is designed so that the body of the losers has already accepted the rules of the new diet and has reacted properly, ie burned excess fat. The diet is the same as for the egg version. There is no strict limit on the portion size (if not specified in the menu), you just do not need to overeat. Stop as soon as you feel full.

citrus and boiled eggs for Maggie's diet

Week 4

The menu of the last stage is the same as described in the previous method. You only need to replace 2 eggs for 200 g of cottage cheese. Upon completion, mark your results, which, if strictly followed, should be impressive. Do not forget about physical activity, otherwise it will be difficult or simply impossible to achieve the desired result. Remember, you can't change the menu!


A simple and hearty dish is the chicken and cucumber salad. To prepare it, divide the cooled breasts after boiling into individual fibers and cut the vegetables into thin strips. Then grate the cheese, add it to other foods. Season the resulting salad with soy sauce after mixing it with lemon juice. Before serving the salad, be sure to boil it. Composition:

  • chicken breasts - 1 piece;
  • fresh cucumbers - 2 pieces of medium size;
  • hard cheese - 50 g;
  • soy salty sauce - 2 tbsp;
  • fresh lemon juice - 1 tbsp.

You can also cook tomatoes with cheese. After washing the tomatoes, cut them into circles to place them on a flat dish. Pepper and salt it. Sprinkle each circle with grated cheese. Bake the finished tomatoes in the microwave / oven until the cheese is melted. The end result is a delicious and nutritious diet food.