Diet for pancreatitis of the pancreas: symptoms of inflammation, food menu, recipes

PancreatitisRepresents a whole group of diseases associated with inflammation of the pancreas. The disease can appear unexpectedly - one of its manifestations is the pain syndrome.

To relieve pain and prevent recurrence,proper diet is important. . .

Pancreatitis is divided into chronic and acute, depending on the nature of the disease, you need to choose the right food.

In acute or chronic disease of the pancreas, pancreatitis is diagnosed due to:

  • Eating disorders.
  • Eating fatty / spicy foods every day.
  • Chronic alcoholism.
  • Bile tract diseases, including cholecystitis, gallstone disease.
  • Stomach ulcer.

With exacerbation of pancreatitisthere is a need for surgery (opening of the lining of the pancreas) in case of a small effect of drug treatment, starvation, removal of food debris from the stomach.

Chronic pancreatitisexacerbated by overeating, alcoholism, prolonged use of glucocorticoid hormones, estrogen, narcotic drugs, on the background of a diseased liver (in which a special diet must be followed) and gallbladder, which are quite common in adults. With increasing abdominal pressure, women may develop pancreatitis in late pregnancy.

Diet for acute pancreatitis for 10 days

The purpose of nutritional therapy for acute pancreatitis-remove swelling, inflammation and infection from the pancreatic duct.

For this purpose, the hospital uses drug treatment with enzyme preparations, antispasmodics plus complete fasting for several days to avoid the use of surgery.

Starvation is needed to stop the production of gastric, pancreatic juices, to reduce enzyme activity due to lack of food in the esophagus. During this time, the gland will recover.

drinking water with pancreatitis

They go out of hunger for 2-3-4 days, trying to eat for a day:

  • dry wheat bread or bread (non-stick) - 50 g / day;
  • jelly, fruit drinks (it is better to cook them from blueberries or blackcurrants);
  • continue to drink at least 2, 5 liters of liquid, including blackcurrant or cranberry juice with mineral water (2: 1) without gas, as well as various decoctions (eg rose hips).

If the symptoms of acute pancreatitis do not reappear, add to the diet for 3-5 days:

  • salty slimy rice or oatmeal;
  • liquid mashed potatoes without oil;
  • semi-liquid jelly or juice jelly;
  • liquid cereals: oatmeal, semolina, buckwheat, rice (everything is prepared in water or milk, everything must be ground or cut with a blender);
  • crackers;
  • dry bread.

For 6-8 days you can eat:

steamed omelet for pancreatitis
  • steamed omelet made of protein
  • fat-free cottage cheese souffle;
  • steamed meat (obligatorily cut or grated with a meat grinder / blender)
  • slimy cereal soups;
  • apple jelly or mousse, grated fruit without skin;
  • vegetable puree (potatoes, zucchini, squash, carrots are good, you can add a little butter)
  • vegetable puddings (steamed);

You can add from liquids - green or black tea (weak), add sugar or honey - 1 tsp. Or tea with milk, beet juice, 50 ml / day with mineral water.

The calorie content increases to 1000 calories per day, to 50 g - protein, up to 250 g - carbohydrates, up to 10 g / day - fat. At night you should drink a glass of water with honey, raisins (1 tsp. ), Prunes (2-3 pcs. ) Or yogurt to eliminate constipation.

From the 10th day after the attack, you can increase the calorie content above 1000 calories / day, up to 300 grams. - carbohydrates, up to 60 g - proteins, up to 20 g / day - fats. They continue to eat pureed unsalted food.

Sample menu

Below is a menu for a few days, such a diet can be prepared independently based on the list of permitted products.

Days I eat Approximate diet menu for pancreatitis
Day 1 Breakfast Semolina or rice porridge (on water) - 150 g, Fruits: orange or apple. Green tea (not strong) can be with honey (1 tsp)
Late breakfast Pumpkin puree - 50 g, steamed chicken breasts or fish cakes. Rosehip drink (recipe below), honey - 1 tsp.
Dinner Vegetable broth with fish or beef 200 g, mashed potatoes or broccoli - 100 g, white bread croutons. For dessert, you can bake an apple with honey in the oven, always without the skin.
Snack Tea with honey and a little cottage cheese (1% fat)
Dinner Protein steam of 3 eggs, white bread croutons. Puree of permitted vegetables - 150 g,
Before bed Boiled water - 1 cup of honey - 1 tsp or fermented milk.
Day 2 Breakfast Oatmeal with milk - 150 g. Sour or green tea (not strong)
Late breakfast Grated apple with soft cottage cheese
Dinner Pumpkin or cauliflower puree soup. Minced chicken meatballs
Snack Green tea with 1-2 slices of dry unsweetened cookies
Dinner Rice pudding -150 g. Tea or jelly
Before bed Decoction of rose hips - 1 cup
Day 3 Breakfast Liquid rice porridge - 150 g. Green not strong tea with dry biscuits
Late breakfast 1 baked apple
Dinner Carrot soup, cauliflower, potatoes with meatballs. Broken dried fruit compote
Snack Cottage cheese - 100 g, green tea
Dinner Boiled or baked low-fat fish
Before bed Milk tea or kefir

Recipes for dishes

It can be usedafter an acute attack of pancreatitisdiet number 5rand watch it all year round. They eat pureed food, without salt, protein can increase - up to 100 grams, up to 40 grams. - fats, up to 450 g - carbohydrates.Remember to follow the recommendations and regimen prescribed by your doctor!

rosehip broth for pancreatitis

Rosehip drink recipe:

For the broth you will need 0, 5 kg of dried rose hips and 4 liters of water. Rinse the rose hips, add water, put the drink to infuse for 4 days. You do not need to cook the infusion, the rosehip should be infused with water at room temperature. This drink contains vitamin C.Attention!as the drink is acidic, consult your doctor before taking it.

fish soup puree for pancreatitis

Fish soup puree:

For the soup are useful 0, 5 kg of fish (it is recommended to take boneless fillets, cod, pike, pike), 1, 5 liters of water or vegetable broth, 50 ml. milk, 1 tsp butter.

Cut the fish, pour water or broth into a saucepan, cook until soft. Remove the fish from the pan, chop with a blender. Heat a little milk in a saucepan and add butter to it, as soon as the butter has melted add broth, bring to a boil but do not boil. Add fish, cook on low heat for just a few minutes. Salt can only be added if allowed by your doctor!

Forbiddenfor acute pancreatitis, use:

  • alcohol;
  • eat greasy or fried;
  • Eat any fat or bloating food such as legumes, bran, cabbage, turnips, rutabaga, fruit and vegetable peels, unripe fruits, berries or vegetables;
  • carbonated drinks with fermentation reactions: yeast, kefir.

Diet for chronic pancreatitis

Chronic attacks of pancreatitis can occur immediately after lunch, whose menu included: hard-boiled eggs, pastries, raw fruits, vegetables, juices, cold sodas, chocolate, milk or ice cream. Constantly the companions of the disease will appear every time: bloating, a feeling of bloating or heaviness, a lump that is "stuck in the lower chest", periodic vomiting.

Against the background of chronic pancreatitis, diabetes can easily develop and progress, which is also a serious disease in which you must adhere to a strict diet.

The diet for chronic pancreatitis may include:

useful foods for pancreatitis
  • wheat bread biscuits (you can dry the bread yourself);
  • vegetable soups (pumpkins, potatoes, zucchini or carrots are best for soups);
  • cereal soups (with semolina, oatmeal, buckwheat or rice);
  • meat - beef or veal, chicken, rabbit. Better to steam, bake or boil.
  • steamed egg omelettes (2-3 pcs. ).
  • low-fat fish: flounder, pollock, cod, perch, pike, hake, perch or pike;
  • cottage cheese (unsalted): you can eat fresh or make puddings;
  • cheeses - choose low-fat, unsalted varieties;
  • in dishes or during cooking, you can use butter or sunflower oil -10-15 g.
  • sour cream, kefir (low fat only);
  • porridge - rice, pearl barley, oatmeal, buckwheat, noodles (their consistency should be liquid or semi-liquid);
  • vegetable purees / stews (remember that cabbage and tomatoes cannot be added), vegetables can also simply be cooked or baked;
  • juice mousses / jellies, dried fruit compotes (apricots, pears, apples)
  • fruits (only roasted or grated without peel)
  • dietary puree and canned puree for baby or diet food;
  • multivitamin and mineral preparations.

Menu for the day

I eat Approximate diet menu for pancreatitis
Breakfast Steamed meat (chicken or beef). Rosehip tea or decoction
Lunch Oatmeal with milk. Broth or infusion of rose hips
Dinner Carrot and pumpkin puree soup. Steamed fish. Tea
Snack 1 jar of baby food
Dinner Zucchini vegetable stew with carrots. A piece of boiled chicken. Dried fruit compote
Overnight A glass of kefir

You can not eat foods that stimulate the secretion of the pancreas:

forbidden foods for pancreatitis
  • meat, fish, poultry of fatty varieties, forget about smoked meat and fish, sausages, canned food;
  • meat, mushrooms, fish broth (as well as soups and sauces on them);
  • cabbage soup, borscht, as well as cold soups (such as cold soup or okroshka);
  • milk soups;
  • fish, meat in fried, smoked, salted or canned food;
  • high fat dairy products;
  • eggs - you can not eat fried or hard-boiled eggs;
  • all kinds of grains, white cabbage, eggplant, turnips, radishes, radishes, onions, garlic, sorrel, spinach, mushrooms, sweet peppers;
  • bakery products, fresh bread, jam, flour, chocolate, other pastries;
  • black coffee, cocoa, carbonated drinks.

For pancreatitis with endocrine dysfunctionexclude jam, sugar and honey, as they have no therapeutic effect as far as carbohydrates are concerned.

In the asymptomatic course of the disease or in the presence of mild symptoms, the list of prohibited foods / products is gradually reduced to the category of products that should only be limited, but not completely excluded.


vegetable puree soup for pancreatitis

Vegetable puree soup:

For the soup you will need: 1 yellow or green pepper, broccoli, cauliflower, 1 small zucchini. All vegetables should be washed, cut into cubes. Pour vegetables into a saucepan with water (1-1, 5 liters), cook until soft. Drain and blend with a blender.

fish souffle for pancreatitis

Fish souffle:

To prepare the dish you need: fish (400 g), 100 ml of water or milk, a tablespoon of flour, 2 eggs (separate the egg whites from the yolks), a piece of butter (20 g). Boil the fish in water, drain, roll through a meat grinder or chop finely.

Mix the milk and flour (preheat the flour in a pan until slightly yellow), you get a slightly thick milk "sauce". Now we start mixing: fish, egg yolk, milk sauce, butter (if your doctor allows, you can salt it).

Beat the egg whites separately until thick. While stirring, add them to the fish mass.

Preheat the oven to 180-200 degrees. Place the fish mass in a baking dish or baking sheet, place in the oven and bake until soft.

apple pie in pancreatitis

Apple pie (dessert):

To prepare marshmallows, you need to take 1 kg of apples, peel them, cut them, pour water into a saucepan and cook. Boil the apples, remove from the heat, drain the water, leave to cool slightly. Rub the apples through a sieve or chop with a blender.

Drain all the juice from the resulting puree, squeeze the puree. Pour the juice separately into a small saucepan and cook to thicken (almost like syrup). Pour sugar (100 g) into the boiled juice, boil a little more. Mix the juice with the puree.

Place the resulting mass on a baking sheet, place in the oven (120 degrees), dry the lozenge until it thickens completely.

Sample menu for pancreatitis for a week: diet options and dietary rules

Along with the regular use of drugs, diet is also indicated for pancreatitis. Only a comprehensive measure allows you to relieve the load and swelling of the pancreas, helps stop inflammation and repair damaged tissues.

In an acute attack of the disease, the diet is very limited, until fasting for the first few days. After eliminating the acute symptoms of the disease, the patient's menu gradually expands. Let's look at what a weekly diet should look like for a person with a painful pancreas.

Features of diet in various forms of pancreatitis

daily routine for pancreatitis

In acute inflammation, the diet is very strict. On the first day of the onset of the disease, the patient shows hunger. Depending on the severity of the disease, the presence of complications, fasting can last from one to three to four days. Such a measure is necessary for:

  • Stopping the production of gastric secretions from the pancreas.
  • Decreased performance of digestive enzymes.
  • Prevent the development or reduce the severity of infectious processes.

Inflammation of the gland causes swelling, spasm of the organ and its ducts. For this reason, digestive enzymes cannot enter the intestine from the pancreas, they are activated in the gland and begin to digest its walls.

The death of damaged tissues of organs, undegraded food debris provoke a complication of the disease with various infections. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the activity of production and functioning of pancreatic enzymes, which is achieved mainly through starvation.

The first 2-5 days of acute pancreatitis is indicated only the use of fluids - up to 2, 5 liters. After leaving the OP hunger strike, the diet was gradually expanded according to dietary table No. 5 P (I).

At the same time, the calorie content of food during the first ten days of the diet should not exceed 800 Kcal. Starting from the tenth day, with a positive dynamics of treatment, the calorie content of food can increase up to 1000 Kcal.

In the chronic form of the disease, the patient's menu is much broader. Includes cereals, most types of vegetables and berries, meat and fish (non-fatty, medium-fat types), yogurt, unsweetened cookies, sweet fruit jelly, marmalade, marshmallows and even some types of pastries.

At the same time, to prevent recurrence of pancreatitis, it is necessary to adhere to the following dietary rules:

  1. Eat only natural, fresh food.
  2. Significantly limit the amount of sweet, greasy and especially sour.
  3. Feeding should be partial: 5-6 times a day in small portions.
  4. It is desirable that the food be cut, grated, for better digestion.
  5. Permitted method of cooking: cooking, baking, steaming, stewing.
  6. Do not use hot and cold foods - only hot foods and dishes.
  7. Do not eat fruits and pastries on an empty stomach.
  8. It is not recommended to eat fresh bread (better than the second day of freshness or biscuits), baked pastries with cream.
  9. The use of spices is not recommended (salt can be used in small quantities).
  10. Alcohol, snacks (chips, biscuits, corn sticks, etc. ) are strictly prohibited.

Eating a healthy diet and maintaining hydration can help prolong remission and maintain pancreatic health. In this case, diet food is the most effective medicine.

Sample menu for exacerbation of the inflammatory process

products for exacerbation of pancreatitis

Drinking healing mineral water should be four to five times a day, 200 ml. While the drink is slightly warmed (up to 27 degrees). If the water is carbonated, it should be poured into a glass half an hour or an hour before drinking so that all the gases come out of the liquid.

On the third day, the drink can be varied with a weak rosehip broth. Drinking will help maintain water balance, replenish the body's reserves with the necessary trace elements and remove toxins.

Exit from a hunger strike

The menu for patients with pancreatitis when leaving a hunger strike (2, 3 or 4 days) can be varied with the following products:

  • dry white wheat bread (not more than 50 grams per day);
  • fruit drink made from jelly or blackcurrant;
  • at the same time it is necessary to drink up to 2, 5 liters of fluid per day (fixed mineral water, jelly, fruit drink, rosehip decoction).

On the third or fifth day the diet can be supplemented with:

  • decoction of slimy consistency of rice or oatmeal;
  • mashed potatoes (liquid, without butter and milk);
  • jelly from blueberries, blackcurrants, strawberries, blueberries;
  • grated porridge in water from buckwheat, rice, oatmeal.

Over the next two days, you have the right to start trying:

  • steamed protein omelet;
  • steamed or boiled chicken, rabbit, turkey, cut with a blender;
  • cereal soups prepared in vegetable broth or water;
  • vegetable puree (pumpkin, carrots, zucchini);
  • not strong black or green tea, prunes, yogurt.

Starting from the tenth day, with successful treatment, weakening the symptoms of the disease, the menu can be varied with unsalted butter, jelly, baked apples, boiled low-fat fish or steamed fish cakes, souffle. Sugar can be used in very small quantities. However, it is better to take substitutes.

The diet for acute pancreatitis is strict, so the menu absolutely excludes the following foods: fried, smoked, very fatty foods, mushrooms, canned food, sausages, sausages, bacon, egg yolks, fresh bread and pastries, spices, sauce, ice cream, alcohol, soda, radishes, onions, garlic, radishes, spinach, peas, beans, asparagus, sorrel.

Nutrition after complete relief of the attack

The menu of a patient with acute pancreatitis for one week should include only foods that are permitted and safe for the gastrointestinal tract.

Day 1:

  • Early feeding: steam 2 scrambled eggs, oatmeal, rosehip broth.
  • Late meals: fruit jelly.
  • Lunch time: rice soup, toast, steamed chicken cutlets with pumpkin puree.
  • Afternoon snack: grated cottage cheese, lightly brewed tea.
  • Evening: fish souffle with stewed vegetables, blackcurrant compote.
  • Late evening: croutons with yogurt.

Day 2:

  • Early meals: cottage cheese pudding, crouton tea.
  • Late meals: strawberry souffle, rosehip decoction.
  • Lunch time: soup with noodles in vegetable broth, biscuits, boiled turkey, berry mousse.
  • Afternoon snack: baked apples, compote.
  • Evening: noodles, steamed fish cutlets, green tea.
  • Late evening: biscuits, tea.

Day 3:

  • Early feeding: vegetable pudding.
  • Late meal: rice porridge, a piece of chicken.
  • Lunch time: buckwheat soup, croutons, steamed rabbit cutlets, jelly.
  • Afternoon snack: pumpkin porridge.
  • Evening: oatmeal, a piece of chicken, black tea.
  • Late evening: kefir biscuits.

Day 4:

  • Early feeding: rice porridge, blackcurrant compote.
  • Late meal: steamed omelet, chamomile decoction.
  • Lunch: cream soup of boiled meat, croutons, a piece of boiled rabbit meat, tea.
  • Afternoon snack: baked apple with cottage cheese, compote.
  • Dinner: oatmeal, raspberry souffle, rosehip broth.
  • Late dinner: biscuits and yogurt.

Day 5:

  • Early feeding: oatmeal, scrambled eggs, black tea.
  • Late meals: pumpkin puree, strawberry compote.
  • Lunch time: buckwheat soup, croutons, steamed fish cakes, tea.
  • Afternoon snack: casserole with cottage cheese, rosehip broth.
  • Evening: carrot puree with chicken souffle, baked grated apple without peel and core, compote.
  • Late evening: a biscuit with tea.

Day 6:

  • Early feeding: semolina porridge, chamomile decoction.
  • Late meals: steamed omelet, jelly.
  • Lunch time: noodle soup, biscuits, boiled chicken, tea.
  • Afternoon snack: berry souffle, compote.
  • Dinner: mashed vegetables, steamed turkey chops, jelly.
  • Late dinner: croutons with yogurt.

Day 7:

  • Early feeding: mashed carrots and pumpkin, boiled egg white, compote.
  • Late meals: cottage cheese souffle, chamomile decoction.
  • Lunch time: dry fish soup, biscuits, steamed cutlets, tea.
  • Afternoon snack: baked apple, compote.
  • Evening: buckwheat porridge with steamed cutlet, boiled grated beets, jelly.
  • Late evening: croutons with kefir.

Before the transition of the disease to a stage of stable remission, all food should be grated and without spices (even salt is not recommended). Two weeks after the attack, provided there are no symptoms of the disease, you can start trying fresh apples, peeled and heads of cabbage, as well as strawberries, bananas.

Sample menu for stable remission of pancreatitis

nutrition in remission of pancreatitis

An example of a pancreatitis menu for a week looks like this:

Day Early feeding Breakfast Time for lunch Snack Night time
Monday Oatmeal with low-fat milk, cheese sandwich, chicory Boiled pudding, biscuits, rosehip broth Potato soup with chicken broth, croutons, steamed chicken meatballs Baked apples, jelly Buckwheat porridge, boiled beet salad with butter, beef cutlet
Tuesday Porridge of rice milk, jelly or tea Protein omelet, boiled turkey, compote Vermicelli soup, wheat bread, baked hake, jelly candies, green tea Casserole with cottage cheese, chamomile broth Mashed potatoes, baked fish, carrot salad, tea
Wed. Oatmeal, jelly Berry mousse, long-lasting biscuits, rosehip broth Fish soup, pumpkin pudding, biscuits, compote Cottage cheese pudding Chicken fillet with zucchini, boiled cauliflower, green tea
Wed. Semolina porridge, cheese sandwich, jelly Yogurt, croutons Rice soup with carrots, meatballs, rosehip broth Vegetable pudding, compote Stewed chicken with vegetables, jelly, tea
Friday Steamed omelet, black tea Carrot pudding and grated apple Vegetable puree soup, beef meatballs, chamomile decoction with jelly candies Berry souffle, biscuits Boiled rice with meatballs, tea
Sat. Oatmeal, chicory Omelet, apple compote Buckwheat soup, meat loaf, boiled beet salad, tea Sandwich with butter and hard cheese, baked apple, tea Fish souffle, boiled noodles, tea
The sun. Rice porridge with boiled turkey, rosehip broth Vegetable souffle, berry jelly Creamy soup with grated meat, fish dumplings, dried bread, tea Cottage cheese biscuits, baked apple, tea Fish roll, mashed potatoes, rosehip broth

1-2 hours before bedtime you can drink a glass of fermented milk product (yogurt, kefir, yogurt) with diet cookies.


The presented menu for patients with pancreatitis for one week is approximate - it can be changed with other dishes allowed in the stage of stable remission.

Between main meals you are also allowed to indulge in small snacks with fruit, pastries allowed. It is useful to get in the habit of eating at approximately equal intervals, to drink at least 1-1, 5 liters of water a day and not to overeat - after eating there should be a slight feeling of hunger.