Protein diet for weight loss: 3 menu options, pros and cons of the diet

A high-protein diet includes a variety of nutritious foods

Hello everyone! Today I will tell you how to lose up to 3 kilograms in 10 days without feeling hungry and without intense exercise. We were taught that results can only come through hard work. However, there is a protein diet for weight loss, and with it you can actually lose weight in almost no time, of course, with a number of conditions. Below, you'll learn how to fit into the skinny jeans you never bought.

Looking ahead - a protein dietnot suitable for permanent foundation, you can practice it for 7 to 14 days several times a year.

What we will talk about in this post:

  • what is a protein diet
  • when it can be used and for whom
  • its pros and cons (we will certainly consider the contraindications),
  • permitted and prohibited products,
  • approximate food for several days,
  • feedback from those who have tested the system themselves.

What causes weight loss with protein?

What have you heard about the protein diet? Many people often confuse it with keto eating. However, there is a small but fundamental difference between these weight loss options. Take a look at the chart.

  • Keto macronutrient ratio: B - 20%, F - 75%, U - 5%;
  • The ratio of macroelements of a protein diet: B - 70%, F - 5%, U - 25%;

The high-fat (keto) system involves eating large amounts of food rich in fat. If it's fish, then it's the fattiest, if it's meat, it's definitely not lean. And most importantly, there should be no other elements. Carbohydrates, even complex ones, are prohibited, they can only be obtained from vegetables, herbs and a few other products.

Hearty, high-protein foods for weight loss

Losing weight on protein foods, on the contrary, rather prohibits eating too fatty foods and allows a small amount of "long-term" carbohydrates for breakfast or lunch. In addition, you are allowed to eat unsweetened dairy products and fermented milk ingredients.

That is, you practically do not limit yourself in food, you do not experience hunger and at the same time you lose volume and weight. The main thing is to maintain your calorie intake, protein foods are very filling, you may just not get the calories you need, this will slow down the weight loss process. It can be calculated using the calorie chart. There are many of them on the internet. Print and hang on your fridge for easy counting or use the free app. The daily norm for losing weight with a less active lifestyle is 1200-1500 kcal.

The optimal number of meals per day: five to six times in small portions. Coffee, tea without sugar and water are allowed. Muscle mass does not suffer and remains in place, and with physical activity it can even grow.

The advantage of this diet is that due to the lack of fast carbohydrates:

  • first, excess moisture is removed,
  • and secondly, reserves from sides, hips and abdomen are used.

Therefore, you lose weight quite quickly and see the results immediately. This technique is also called "drying". Athletes actively use it before important competitions.

Protein foods for weight loss: list

Let's find out what qualifies as protein products. Many people may have different ideas about them.

Turkey or chicken breast in the protein diet menu

Here's what you should buy during your diet:

  • chicken breast and turkey,
  • ham without starch and sugar from the same birds,
  • beef, veal, rabbit,
  • low-fat cheeses (cheese, feta, tofu),
  • low-fat and unsweetened dairy products,
  • cottage cheese up to 9%,
  • sour cream up to 15%,
  • fish (better not too fatty), seafood,
  • mushrooms,
  • vegetable oils,
  • lentils,
  • eggs,
  • whey protein (optional, but as a snack - salvation for the lazy).

You should also include on your shopping list:

  • green vegetables and fruits (avoid overly sweet fruits and limit yourself to 1-2 pieces per day),
  • from cereals, leave rolled oats, buckwheat, brown rice (albeit in moderation),
  • greenery.

Avoid frying as. . . breaks down amino acids. It is best to stew, bake or boil the ingredients.

Here is a list of what should be excluded from the diet:

  • sweets (anything that contains sugar),
  • honey,
  • buns and white bread,
  • soda and any alcohol,
  • semi-finished products, including sausages and sausages (even if they have the ideal composition),
  • canned foods,
  • pasta,
  • cereals with a high glycemic index (white rice),
  • sauces,
  • spicy foods
  • fast food and street food.

Let me remind you that this list of restrictions is only for 7-14 days. Then you can introduce the ingredients gradually.

Ideally, eat what's prepared at home, not in a cafeteria, and you'll be happy on the scale and in the tasting room.

Protein rate per day

Under normal conditions, without physical activity, a person needs 0. 66-0. 8 g. protein per kilogram of weight (WHO). For weight loss on a protein diet, this rate is doubled. If you follow a protein diet, the norm is from 1. 3 to 1. 6 g. per 1 kg of weight.

The calculation takes into account not your current body weight, but your desired one.

How not to harm with excess protein?

But it's important to be clear: a protein diet is not a healthy diet. In the sense that it is not balanced in relation to BJU and is suitable for a limited time. The most optimal is a week, a maximum of 14 days. If it's longer, you can harm your body and end up with a long list of problems instead of a flat stomach. I will dwell on this point further.

By the way, for people who do not get enough protein in their daily diet, switching to such a diet can even be useful - eating habits need to be restructured.

Amino acids in foods of animal and plant origin are important for immunity, especially during the cold season. Residents of coastal countries get sick less because they regularly eat marine fatty fish.

In addition, without protein, it is impossible to maintain the youth of the skin. Flaxness, dullness, flaking, early wrinkles - these are, among other things, symptoms of a lack of meat and fermented milk in your daily menu.

It is especially important for women to get all the micronutrients. Their deficiency leads to inflammatory processes in the female reproductive system, difficult conception, vertigo, etc.

You can include a small amount of vegetables in your protein diet.

The pleasant side effects of this diet are reduced appetite and weight loss. Tested for me - after a good steak, you won't want to eat soon. And you completely forget about sweets.

Once I took a course of fish oil and noticed that I began to crave sweets and biscuits less. However, don't rush to get ready for the supermarket. Let's find out, is this menu right for you?

To whom and how much?

Despite the apparent PP-ness of the diet, it has a number of limitations.

  • First, it's not balanced. Carbohydrates and fats will decrease. Add here the lack of vitamins and minerals.

    Therefore, it is not recommended to abuse this menu. A week, maximum 14 days. This is a critical period, after which the body will understand that something is missing and will start to rebel. But we don't want that. Ideally, take additional vitamins for seven to fourteen days. Of course, after consultation with your doctor.

  • Second, the load on the kidneys is significant, which means they are working at their limit. It shouldn't be like that.
  • Third, the recommended break between diets is at least 3 months, preferably six months. That is, such an express remedy cannot be used against the New Year glutton, and then even after March 8. Just two to four times a year, sensibly, with the right grocery list and thoughtful recipes.

Who is suitable and not suitable for protein weight loss?

If your health is fine, you are not allergic to amino acids or certain ingredients from the menu and you want to lose up to 5 kilograms, then you can safely switch to a protein diet.

But, as always, I strongly advise you to consult a doctor or registered dietitian before experimenting on yourself.

Here is a list of contraindications in which you should not eat a lot of protein for dinner, lunch and breakfast:

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • kidney problems
  • diabetes,
  • chronic diseases,
  • anemia
  • diseases of the female reproductive system,
  • liver problems,
  • gastrointestinal diseases.

Also, children and adolescents should not be transferred to only meat and dairy products. Their growing bodies need large amounts of carbohydrate fuel.

Pros of the system

Let's outline all the advantages of the system:

  • Relatively safe weight loss technique. This is not a mono-diet with its sharp attack on the immune system, and it is not a ruthless detox. In reasonable amounts and with a healthy approach nothing bad will happen,
  • really working weight loss system. According to my friends, they really lost weight without much effort,
  • ideal diet at home. No complicated recipes or dishes. Very simple, understandable food that is sold in every supermarket,
  • I don't want sweets at all and my appetite is decreasing. This is true! I tested it on myself. Sometimes the need for dinner disappeared completely,
  • you can organize fasting days even on vacation or during a trip (of course, if you have a strong will),
  • easy to prepare meals.

What about the downsides?

Disadvantages of protein nutrition

Do not rush to buy chicken and eggs until you read the following points:

  • relatively small list of food items. There are options to choose from, but a number of familiar ingredients are still banned. For example, the same potatoes,
  • In the beginning, there may be weakness and nervousness due to lack of carbohydrates. There's even real sugar withdrawal going on. If you have a sweet tooth, be patient for a few days, then it will get easier,
  • stool problems. Constipation may occur due to lack of fiber. You can solve the problem by taking vegetable oils in raw form, drinking at least one and a half liters of water and including vegetable salads in the menu,
  • there is an ammonia smell from the mouth. This happens when there is more protein in the body than usual. Only drinking plenty of fluids will help a bit here,
  • You need to carefully exit the diet. Many "nutritionists" write that the weight disappears and does not return. Yes, this is true, but provided that you gradually and correctly switch to a normal diet. Gradually include small portions of complex carbohydrates, and only then gradually add sweets and starchy foods,
  • if you are in treatment or don't want to give up alcohol, you shouldn't even start,
  • you should eat small portions 4-6 times. This point is not a definite minus. But when there is a lack of time, it can be difficult to find an opportunity to eat more than once at work,
  • you need to consider the menu so that it does not become boring and is at least somewhat balanced.

Whether or not this weight loss option is right for you is up to you. Please read these points carefully and consider your options and needs. If such weight loss is not suitable for you, there are many options on how to reduce your volume without harming your health.

Protein diet for weight loss: a menu for several days

I offer 3 meal options. You can swap and combine dishes at your discretion. Add something of your own. I deliberately didn't list it for the week because there are many alternatives. You will see for yourself.

Omelet is an ideal breakfast for those who are losing weight on a protein diet

Option 1


  • Two boiled eggs
  • 30 grams of cheese
  • Vegetable salad with a teaspoon of oil
  • coffee


After a few hours, eat natural yogurt or 5% cottage cheese with a handful of your favorite nuts, topped with a spoonful of sour cream.


  • Tilapia or catfish fish steak with a small portion of brown rice (about a handful) and cucumber.
  • Spinach or mushroom soup.


For dinner, make a stew with vegetables (no potatoes) and chicken. A few hours before going to bed - kefir.

Don't forget to drink several glasses of water between meals.

Option 2


  • 2 whole wheat toasts spread with cream cheese, topped with avocado and a piece of lightly salted fish.
  • 1 boiled egg, 30 grams of hard cheese.
  • Coffee makes the perfect start to the day.


A handful of nuts and vegetables, cut into strips.


  • Soup is a good first course for lunch. Any version of it without potatoes or rice.
  • Baked chicken fillet in spices under cheese.
  • A serving of broccoli or cauliflower.


  • Steamed chicken breast, 3 tablespoons of buckwheat, cucumber salad with tomatoes, herbs and onions. Season with a teaspoon of oil.
  • Optionally before going to bed - a portion of whey protein in milk 3. 2% or kefir.

Option 3


  • Omelet with vegetables and pieces of stewed turkey.
  • Buckwheat bread with feta.
  • Coffee or tea.


Kefir with a little unsweetened fruit. Sometimes I mix the ingredients in a blender and get a rich smoothie.


For lunch, make a modern bowl: mix some cooked cereals (rice or lentils) in a plate, add chopped lightly salted fish, your favorite vegetables, avocado, an egg in a bag, the runny yolk will serve as a sauce. The result is a nutritious meal that will last until the evening.


  • Chicken thigh soup and green vegetables (broccoli, spinach, celery, onion, cabbage, zucchini).
  • Salad of cucumbers and canned tuna in its own juice.

As you can see, you will need the simplest recipes and quick meals.

What are people saying?

Girls I know have said they resort to a protein diet when they need to drop a few pounds quickly. According to them, such weight loss was one of the most sparing in life. You don't need to strictly limit your food intake, on the contrary, you need to force yourself to eat regularly.

Here's what my friend says:

"I stayed on a protein diet for 7 days and lost 3 kilos. Without effort and hunger. The first two days I really wanted sausages and sweets. It was strange to drink tea without sugar. But on the third day somehow it got easier. On the plus side, I have weaned myself off drinking sugary hot drinks. "